Gregory Gunther

President & Creative Director (a.k.a. The Visionary)

Gregory Gunther has been involved in freelance graphic and website design for over nine years and has great passion for the digital arts. Recently he earned a Masters' degree in Communications and Digital Media Design from at Saginaw Valley State University. Every day he strives to turn his interests and creativity into a successful career as a Designer/ Writer/ Filmmaker. Ultimately, he plans to teach multimedia at the University-level and continue to develop original projects as well as do freelance work.He lives in Midland, MI with his wife, Connie and their two cats. His interests extend to all media -- including movies, books, animation, games and science fiction storytelling.

Gene (Geno ) Glazier

Director of Game Development (a.k.a. The Idea Guy)

Gene resides in Midland, MI and has 15 years of impressive experience applying his skills - in developing toys and games that are innovative and fun. He has submitted some to industry professionals which received high marks. He is a professional cartoonist who is also trained in computer art programs such as Corel Micrographix and Adobe Photoshop, In addition to designing games, he loves strumming the guitar, sports, and traveling with his girlfriend and son. His philosphphy about board game design is; If it's Fun, Encouraging and Exciting it has the potential to be a hit!

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