Information for Retailers & Industry Agents

Licensing Agents

Part of Gameforce Studio's long-term strategy is to license ideas to larger, more established companies in addition to producing our own. Thus we are open to contact from industry representatives, agents and brokers looking for small innovative companies and independent inventors like us to pitch ideas. Are you an agent or broker in the game & toy industry? Do you want to help us license game and product ideas in the 'main event?' Give us a call.

Retailers & Distributors

Obviously as a company, we depend on retailers and distributors to get our games and products out to as many consumers as possible. If you're in the market for great SKUs with good profitability, innovative and fun games lines, and company that cares about your enterprise and clients as much as our own, then please consider carrying our products.

Help me help you

Our goal is to become a force in the game and toy industry, doing work we love and are passionate about, while offering consumers greater choice in the marketplace. But we're just at the starting line, so we could use all the help we can get.

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