About Gameforce Studios

A History of Creativity

Game designers, inventors and friends, Gene Glazier and Gregory Gunther actually first met as rival leaders of two break dancing crews back in their high school days. They were both impressed with the others' vision and creativity and quickly began fast friends.

Throughout the years they pursued game design and invention as a hobby, exploring innovating ideas whenever they had a chance. The vision of building an extraordinary game, toy and storytelling company always present in their minds. They each followed their own unique career path with Gene going into sales, management and business processes, while Greg worked in business management and creative design. All the while they kept their focus on someday creating an enterprise completely suited to their creativity, talents and passions.

Fast forward to now.

The team is poised to launch a series of games and products this year which they hope will find their audience and sell well. Changes in technology (The Internet, Blogs, Print-on-Demand, Adobe Creative Suite, Google, YouTube, etc) has made it possible for small, creative companies to find ways to get their products produced in affordable quantities and to bring them to a worldwide market. The goal is to establish Gameforce Studios as a viable choice in the industry and enable them (Gene and Greg along with their support teams) to finally devote their energies to developing ideas full-time.
(And still be able to keep their houses!)