Games as Entertainment Media

Boardgames and toys are doomed. At least in the way they are regarded within the currently accepted consumer mindset in America. If boardgames are forced to compete with movies, video games, electronic toys and handheld gizmos, they will definitely lose. Currently, boardgame-style products are relgated to the small window of opportunity afforded for Christmas and birthday gifting. When was the last time you went out to buy a game just for a night of entertainment? And for toys. They are getting dropped by children at earlier and earlier ages. Why play with a simply plastic toy, when I can just get an iPhone and text my friends in gradeschool?

Now I know that in certain niche groups and European countries, games are thriving. But here at home, boardgames are a throwback to an age past, where we actually spent time with our kids and didn't have electronic media to distract and entertain us every possible second. On one hand, boardgames seem classic and outdated, on the other, they seem too special to pull out except for the rare family reunions and holidays. Boardgames and toys need to reposition themselves to be considered a fun entertainment option similar to renting a DVD or a casual Flash game.

Would you watch the same movie for fifty years?

Why is it when you go to the video store there are hundreds of them to choose from, with new releases every week? The same goes for music and video games. Lots of choice. Yet when you go to look for a boardgame its the same old tired ones every year. Sure the classics are, well, classic. But when was the last time you actually PLAYED Monopoly. No wonder people don't even consider boardgames unless you want to relive your childhood memories. Where's the choice, where's the energy? You're telling me that a studio/ production company can invest the millions of dollars it takes to make a good movie that I pay $4.00 to watch for two hours, and game companies can't print out a comparable entertainment product, which would cost much less. There's a reason you have to make new movies every year. People want choice and variety. They don't just want classics, they want to be entertained.

GAMEFORCE Focus on fun and choice

Understanding this, GAMEFORCE Studios wants to help to rebrand boardames, toys, and activity products as a new energized entertainment format. More fun games, more choice, more imagination; along with working to gain noteriaty for game designers and inventors as the artists they are, and increased creativity in the manufacturing to make smaller production runs possible.

Our goal is to find a way to create/ produce fun, innovative games and products that encourage imagination and interaction. Games that you, your friends and your families can enjoy playing anytime. We want to build a strong, worldwide company that we are proud of and that allows us to devote our full-time energies to developing creative ideas, games, media, and activity products, while earning back enough to live well and enjoy life.

here's to fun. Here's to life!

If like us, you believe in fun, imagination, the power of play and creativity, then please help our dreams and GAMEFORCE Studios, by purchasing and supporting our games and products.

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