Regarding Submissions

Even as a small, up-and-coming game company, we receive many contacts and inquiries about submitting new game and product concepts, and while we appreciate hearing from our friends, clients and customers, we must advise that:

we do not accept any unsolicited submissions for review

We depend on our internal 'Game Lab' for our game and product development. Also, we cannot assume the huge risks associated with idea review or potential lawsuits being filed by individuals who allege misappropriation of their ideas as a result of the company's consideration of even the most general, obvious, or derivative concepts.

Any submissions that are received are not even opened or reviewed, but simply returned to sender. Any emails containing infomation or ideas are quickly deleted.

Besides, we've got plenty of good ideas of our own we've been waiting to work on. We encourage you, if you truly think you have a good idea, to pursue it yourself. Visit our Resources for Game Inventors in the 'Community' section and 'Go for it!'

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