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Our goal is to find a way to create fun, innovative games and products that encourage imagination and interaction. Games that you, your friends and your families can enjoy playing anytime. We feel honored to have the opportunity to be able to make our games and bring them to you.

We hope you enjoy our games!

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Note: Not all game parts shown in photo


The sky-high, dice-stacking game!

2-4 Player | 25 Minutes | Ages 8 & UP

Do you have luck, skill and a steady hand? UPSTACKS is the exciting new game from GAMEFORCE Studios that provides a fun game experience for 2-4 players.

Roll the dice! Every dice counts when its time to add up the points. Be the first to reach the final score and win the game, but beware of the penalty dice as your opponent pushes you to go too far. How high can you stack YOUR tower?

UPSTACKS is set to launch in February 2009. Pre-order your game today!

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Note: Not all game parts shown in photo


Football Championship Simulation (Pastime-style) Game!

1 Player | 2 Player Co-Op | 25 Minutes | Ages 7 & UP

Tumble-Action Football is the exciting football championship simulation game for the football enthusiasts in all of us! This unique game type (a pastime-style game) lets you experience all the fun of football without the elaborate rules! You can be the play-by-play announcer, the fans and the referee all rolled up into one. Invite your sports-minded friends to play along or even play all by yourself. Add some imagination and you got a sporting event for your entertainment.

Will your team win in overtime or will they blow the the opponent out of the water?

Will they block the extra point for a narrow victory?

Tumble-Action Football is set to launch in February 2009. Pre-order your game today!

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Pre-Launch Price ... $9.99